filePod™, Unique in Cloud Technology


Seamless Access

seamless Seamless Access

Fast, secure and seamless access to numerous cloud services from any location. With filePod™ you can configure one-time access to innumerable Dropbox accounts. It has built-in support for Dropbox and in-app purchases on the filePOD AppStore will provide extended support for BOX, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Amazon Drive.

Interface Friendly Interface Friendly

It can be used with any host device (Windows, Linux, Mac) — blending into the host environment allowing you to use the host’s native interface as if you're using any other typically attached storage.


Easy to Connect

Easy to Connect Easy to Connect

It works like a flash drive (using USB) or can be accessed wirelessly over WiFi. This device is optimal for both personal and professional use. For instance, when travelling you can access all of your necessary work files as well as your entire video library for in-transit entertainment.

Storage Conserving Storage Conserving

The device enables you to access files using any device without sacrificing the precious storage space. In addition, you may eliminate the disarray of holding multiple copies of files across devices.

Storage Conserving

Automatic Syncing

Automatic Syncing Automatic Syncing

It can be used without internet connection while in Offline Mode. Then as soon as connectivity becomes available, all interactions or changes to files are automatically synchronized.

Password Protected Password Protected

Device passwords are not stored in the cloud, and your filePod™ password is only known to you eliminating the need to trust any third party vendors with your passwords. OAuth2 authorizes cloud data access to only your device.

Password Protected


Encrypted Encrypted

Built for the ground up with strong security features to protect data, all data is encrypted with AES 256. In case of theft, you can remotely wipe all data off the device while your data remains synchronized in the cloud. Access to the cloud is secure over HTTPS.